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A domain name isn’t strictly necessary in order to create a presence on the web. However, having your own domain name gives you control over your online identity and the content you post – and a domain of your own is a must-have for building confidence in your brand or business.

Can i really skip the domain process ?

 A domain name gives your business instant credibility and puts you in the same online marketplace as your largest competitors. It says that you mean business and helps online shoppers, clients and customers see you as a forward-thinking company or individual that is conveniently accessible online.

A domain name is a website’s address. Think of it as real estate online. It is virtually where your brand conducts business and takes up residence. Your own domain is where your clients buy. It’s where you build authority and expertise. This is why it is important to select the right name domain.

The Importance of a Domain Name

Build Your Brand

Brand awareness is enhanced when you own a domain name. If your company name and your domain name are the same, this gives you brand reinforcement. It makes it easier for potential clients and existing customers to keep your name in mind and tell their friends about you.

Walk-In Business Becomes More Possible

When you register your own name domain and this matches your business concept, you will draw surfers on the web that are searching for what you have to offer. For example, when you sell lawnmowers using the domain name, people browsing will simply stop by your website as virtual walk-in customers. In searching results, might show up more often every time someone types the word lawn or lawnmower on Google.

Internet Presence Mobility

When you buy and own your very own domain name, you can move offices or states as many times as you want and keep the domain. In fact, you can travel across the world and people will still be able to reach you at the same address. The same cannot be said for people that don’t own their own domain. Having different domains will result in losing the momentum you built up your brand with.

Thinking Forward

When you have your own domain, this tells the world that you are serious about what you do. Not only that, it tells everyone that you are thinking forward. You welcome the Digital Age. It gives the impression that you are stepping up to the plate, going with the program and are keeping updated on the latest and the up and coming technologies. Whether this is completely true or not, having your own name on the domain does give this impression. In fact, it may be the very reason you are staying ahead of the rest.


Your company looks very professional when you have your own domain name. When you publish your website through a free web host site or an ISP, this will give you a so-so, generic domain that does not really spark interest or stand out in any way. Since people don’t completely trust e-commerce and the internet with their money completely, credibility is important. In fact, it may even cross their minds that why should they reveal their credit card details to a company that won’t even spend to buy their very own domain name?